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Professional Standards


In a knowledge economy, the future of India is dependent on the development of its human capital and career development is a fundamental building block in achieving that goal.   Therefore, every citizen of this country deserves access to high quality career services throughout their lives.


The development of the Professional Standards arose from the need for quality improvement in career service delivery. These Professional Standards are practitioner owned and endorsed, and as a living document, they will, over time, reflect the changing demands on career development. 


As a consequence of the introduction of the Professional Standards, the Indian and State governments can have confidence that the delivery of career services in India will meet emerging national priorities related to workforce development, social equity and lifelong learning.


The elements of the Professional Standards for Indian Career Development Practitioners are:


1.  Definition

2.  Membership

3.  Code of Ethics

4.  Minimum Standards

5.  Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

6.  Competency Guidelines


To obtain a copy of the Draft of the Professional Standards, please email

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