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Any individual , 18 years or above, any corporate body, firm, trust, society, foundation, association or any institution, committed to the objectives of the council and meeting criteria set out under various categories are entitled to become ordinary members . However non-individual members shall nominate one individual to represent them. 


Membership is based on calendar year and requires to be renewed by payment of the applicable fee.


Members can be counsellors, teachers, principals, administrators, academic co-ordinators, curriculum developers, PTA office bearers, education correspondents or newspapers or magazines, CSR program leaders and human resource development professionals or social workers interacting with adoloscents in schools, government officials in schools or skills development sector and committed to the objectives and mission of ICEDC.


Professional and Associate members need to meet additional criteria as defined by the national professional standards and abide by the code of conduct of professional practice.



Download the full Membership Brochure
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